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Are You Sabotaging Your Brainstorming Sessions?

Brainstorming sessions can be fun. When a new project comes up or a new client comes in and the whole team gathers together to put ideas together that’s when everybody goes crazy. Sometimes however, the whole process can be stifled by, well, the lack of process. And even when we make progress it is painfully slow with…

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Still Chasing After That Viral Ad?

Let’s look at it this way; adverts are like products. They succumb to basic laws of distribution. And just like products, ads are useless if they are not distributed widely. You can spend as much (or as little) time, effort, or money as you want to craft the perfect message for your campaign but your…

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Just Ask Permission

Some things are already tried and tested in the world of marketing. You just build up on what has been established and that will do you some good. One of these is permission marketing and it is one of the common sense approaches to marketing which probably should not be violated. The name itself is self-explanatory but f I don’t…

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