Still Chasing After That Viral Ad?

Let’s look at it this way; adverts are like products. They succumb to basic laws of distribution. And just like products, ads are useless if they are not distributed widely. You can spend as much (or as little) time, effort, or money as you want to craft the perfect message for your campaign but your investment will yield nothing if the message does not reach and influence the people who need to receive it.

Simply, the problem is this: would be advertisers are spending too much of their budget on the distribution channels for their ads. The challenge is to ensure efficiency and efficacy of your ad-spend

Let us consider one axiom that could be mighty useful to all advertisers:

  • An Ad is Meant To Reach The Entirety of  Its Target Audience as cost-effectively as possible

A cursory observation of the communication and media field in Ghana throws up the sorry fact that few advertisers take this axiom into account in their finished ad products. This is equally true of the multinational big budget companies as it is for the Mom-& -Pop corner store that seeks to attract more consumers and buyers of their products.

These sorry companies begin with some loose concept of a message tied to a goal that they want to disseminate. Some of these advertisers then buy some traditional media spots on TV, Print, Radio and Outdoor. Others add in Billboards, Newspapers and print flyers and brochures for distribution.

Quite an appreciable number of these companies do some online marketing, perhaps some Search Engine Marketing, optimize their website for search engines and or undertake some Social Media Marketing with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter ads. Ostensibly in search of the ‘benefits of,   the whole 360˚’ some of these companies engage influencers and ambassadors and struggle to place their ads in any film or video currently shooting.

This approach to advertising is quite popular but it could mean spending a lot of money…down the drain.

In reality this approach is not cost effective, it’s just easier and lazier. You however end up spending a lot with this approach for comparatively low returns on your marketing/advertising investment.

Perhasps such companies need to remember that the target consumers of your advertising output remains your most powerful marketing tool (and this is not new, just too often forgotten or ignored for the easier route).

Companies must design their advertising the way they would design a product using a societal marketing philosophy. Ads must be crafted such that the target market wants to engage with, consume it and share it with their own contacts and acquaintances.


Do you want to create and disseminate the Ghanaian ad that goes viral?

  1. Invest some extra time in deciding what your message is
  2. Find out who your target market for the message is and how best to engage with them
  3. Craft a message that appeals to their fundamental emotions
  4. Research how best can you align your message to evoke one or more of these fundamental emotions

Only when you know the above do you then decide which channels are best suited to communicate your message.

You might just find out that your message could best be distributed over some unorthodox channels

When these criteria are met, you might just well be on your way to creating an ad that disseminates to every one of the consumers that you targeted for that message.It is then simply as easy as picking the specific channels or even individuals to seed your message.
The magic happens when people stay with your message all the way through due to a connection. Your message becomes social currency in its own right.

  1. Your ad evokes an emotion
  2. People find value in the message or the ad
  3. They read, watch, interact or listen to it all the way through.
  4. They do no.3 again and maybe again…
  5. They share it with friends colleagues and family
  6. They recommend a friend find it
  7. They talk about it and ruminate on your message
  8. They understand your message enough to be ambassadors for it
  9. Your message becomes part of popular culture or a fabric of the society

You know you have done it right when your ad is featured in content you did not pay for.
Your ad could be featured in the news, on a talkshow, in articles on blogs or in training videos, enabling it to reach a wider range of consumers you might not have otherwise reached.

This is a cost effective approach making sure that even though you directly targeted your message to a few people, through a select few channels, they make sure your message reaches a larger segment of your target market.

You especially know you have done it right when other companies/agencies try to copy your ad and do something similar.

Just one nugget, the mental exercise for achieving this digitally is to imagine trending worldwide on Twitter, breaking a website or possibly breaking google search, Twitter and/or YouTube.

Wishing you the best of luck


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